Aerial Drone Survey and Inspection

As well as conventional filming and photography, we are also often involved in inspection and surveying work.
Our drones can quickly and safely capture high resolution video and photography of almost any structure or site. This could include a roof inspection, chimney inspection, industrial or domestic structure survey.
The use of drones to inspect and survey is often very cost effective as it negates the need for expensive and sometimes hazardous equipment such as cherry pickers.
We also have the ability to use telephoto lenses on our drones, negating the need to fly close to a structure, which is especially useful if the structure is dangerous or has nesting wildlife in it.
A unique service we offer is the overlaying of motion graphics and 3d objects to help illustrate key points and outline important elements such as boundary lines, issue identification and structure location.

We provide:

  • High resolution photography

  • 4k video recordings

  • Live video downlink for realtime assessment

  • Boundary overlays and outlines

  • Motion graphic and 3d overlays